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History seldom destroys that which does not deserve to die. Meaning that life rewards those who contribute to the good of the society. For each view, there is an opposite one. What if producing value is not enough to have a good life. Being a doctor or engineer is seldom rewarded. You may produce outstanding results, save dozens of people, design bridges, and computers, yet you still won’t be appreciated accordingly to your achievements. These professions require tremendous amount of time, intellectual discipline, and high work ethic. Despite that, there aren’t many millionaires among doctors and engineers. What are they missing? In one word – selling.

Selling is the ability to persuade other. Have you ever watched a movie, where the main character was falsely accused? They were unable to convince others of their innocence. For the rest of the movie, they struggled to state their case. It is not enough to produce value, you must also be able to sell your vision to the world. Selling can be divided into opening and closing. Closing is the act of making a deal. It is often one to one communication. In sales, the opening is the equivalent of marketing your offer.

One of the best channels to market your services is through the Internet. Recently, Jeff Bezos of Amazon has become the second richest person in the world. He is the living proof of the power of the Internet. If you are the beginner I highly recommend using El Paso SEO Company Internet Marketing services. It is a boutiqe marketing agency in El Paso helping to get your message across to people using Internet and social media. Their primary area of expertise is search engine optimization or SEO for short. First they perform the audit of your website. Then they offer a list of recommended fixes. It is surprising how small changes can produce a dramatic improvement in your brand visibility.



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